Friday, May 11, 2007

Comment Shill
just posted this response at Eschaton.

The only real journalists are reporters who dig for the news, get two independent confirmations, submit it to a competent editor who will check the facts and then send it to be published in some way. Real reporting, reporting the facts, not opinions, not the fact that anyone can find to people to give "opposing" opinions, is the only real journalism.

Columnists may have been reporters but once they stop doing what is mentioned above, they stop being journalists. Some of them are truly great and useful most of them a lying slags.

Bloggers can be any of the above and more or less. To talk about blogs is akin to talking about paper. It can contain great reporting or it can be worth less than used toilet paper. And a lot of what the corporate media picks up and waves around is exactly used toilet paper.

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