Thursday, May 17, 2007

It was brought to my attention earlier this week that Austin Cline of About Agnosticism and Atheism, as well as a prominent part of a number of atheist groups, presented some views as being mine which I do not hold a while back.

Wanting to discuss the matter with him I have repeatedly tried to make contact with him, he could hardly have failed to notice but seems to think that I am not worthy of his attention. If anyone reading this knows Cline please ask him why he refuses to discuss the correction of his misrepresentations, made in a rather prominent place. If someone told me I had misrepresented the views of someone, I’d be very interested in correcting myself out of respect for the other person’s rights and because not making the correction would turn a mistake into a lie.

How about some links. If he really did this he should give you an apology.
I agree. Where did this occur exactly?
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