Thursday, May 10, 2007

Paperless Anniversary

My greatest and heartfelt thanks to you who do and have done me the honor of reading what has been posted here. Some of you have been pretty heroic as the word count reached a thousand and the reasoning or lack of it, got pretty tortured. I hope that the quality has gotten better as I've learned on the job. I hope you will find things worth reading here.

Here are the promises I made my first blog post. You'll notice the gap I gave myself was rather large. Anyone who goes back and looks at my archieve will notice that the date there is May 13. That's because I screwed it up so badly on May 10th I had to redo it three days later.

To start with, there are two things about the Code of Liberal Ethics that bother me. One, that we are supposed to be entirely fair to everyone and especially in instances when that would put us at a disadvantage, will be dealt with later. The one I will deal with first is the assumption that liberals must get it right every time, not only right but correct. That liberals and leftists, such as myself, must be purer than pure or relegated to the tip, is something I'd better address right now in this first post.

I have no intention of getting it right every time. I begin with no expectation of getting it entirely right a plurality of the time. No guarantee of such is given or offered. I will not allow considerations of the possibility of failure from keeping me from action. On occasion I'll plow straight ahead if conditions seem to warrant it. I, friends, am the thoroughly bad sort and claim as mine, as the sacred possession of every liberal and leftist, the absolute right enjoyed by the rest of humanity to get it wrong. And not only this but I claim as the birthright of leftists to present our side of things to the advantage of our side. I have absolutely no intention to be fair to fascists either, but that's for another day and I hope that Nat Hentoff doesn't die before I get to it.

The Code of Liberal Ethics is a standard operating setting required in every organ of the media. It is applied without consideration, without thought, as a matter of habit. It is a solid state component of the minds of far too many liberals. It is a weapon used exclusively against liberals and leftists and is applied to no other segment of the political spectrum. Everyone, from mushy moderate to rabid fascist is allowed their failings and their biases. But not liberals. Certainly not leftists.

No more. Here, today, I issue our own manumission, my fellow leftists. We have shaken off the chains of perfection, we are free of the lash of faultlessness. We claim our right to consider our own opinions superior and worthy of dominance. Never again will we present the arguments of conservatives as if they merit equal treatment. We will scorn their folly and expose their lies and their entertaining hypocrisies without apology. We will get off our knees and kick every fascist where it counts. In all seriousness, our lives, the lives of our loved ones, the life of the biosphere absolutely depend on it. We must crush out of ourselves and our kind the remains of these mind forged manacles and wipe their residue from every voice and their assumed existence from every ban. Friends, we have nothing to fear. We are free.

Disclaimer: I make no pretense of being a journalist. At best, if someone wanted to insult me, they might claim me as a columnist, an unskilled occupation of which I do not claim to be a part. I would never want anyone to assume that I pretend to be a real journalist, a reporter.

Happy Blogoversary!
These anniversaries give me strange case of deja vu. Have a happy one, olvlzl.
Thank you, thank you. I'm going to be posting some of the things I wrote for Echidne of the Snakes but couldn't get posted here due to blogger problems. And new material as possible. I hope that it's getting better.
Happy anniversary! Yours is a very original and thoughtful voice, and I hope you'll keep posting "religiously." (Especially on music, which I always enjoy.)
Just dropped over from Echidne to wish you a Happy 1st.

May you have many more.

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